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Lake County, California, Weekly Report, Oct 29-Nov 2, 2018

November 6, 2018

Our crew this week consisted of our two crew leaders Jan and David.  They started the work in Redwood Valley working on siding installation at Mr. Paul’s home.  The drive to Redwood Valley is long, and takes about 3 hours out of the work day.  The siding is coming along well, with only a few areas to finish.

Tuesday, the crew moved to building steps and a deck for Ms. Wilma’s home.  She has not been able to take up residency in her home since the fire because there was no access there.  Decking and steps have occupied most of the work week for Jan and David.

This week we said goodbye to our assistant cook Pauline.  We welcomed Lorraine as Office Manager and Don as Project Director.  We also bid goodbye to Robert and Sally as they head home this weekend. 

Blessings from the long term staff:  Robert & Sally, Jan, David, Tim, Lorraine and Don