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Lake County, California, Weekly Report, Oct 15-19, 2018

October 23, 2018

Our small group of six volunteers had an extremely busy week this week

Our crew taped and mudded, taped and mudded, and taped and mudded Ms. Joselyn’s house this week.  The three volunteers developed a rhythm and even the newbie showed us that it’s easy to catch on to taping and mudding.  She had good instruction from crew leader Jan, and caught on really fast.  Ms. Joselyn’s house is ready for the third coat and then the light sanding and the light test this next week. 

The two cooks spent the week finishing the move into the church kitchen.  On Thursday and Friday all of our meals were served from the church kitchen in preparation for our large framing group expected for next week’s work.

Our project director and crew leader, David, spent Friday at our next job site, making lists and confirming that supplies had been delivered to the site for the framing crew that will arrive over the weekend.  Monday promises to be a long and busy day with framing of the home in the Redwood Valley near Mendocino, California.

Blessings from the leadership volunteers:  Robert & Sally, Jan, David, Pauline and our three week volunteer, Madi. 

Cooks Pauline and Sally stock up for the first of the week.