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Lake County, California, Weekly Report, Nov 5-9, 2018

November 13, 2018

Another week has come and gone and although the group was small, we were mighty!

David and Jan spent most of the week working on Mr. Paul’s house, putting up siding and soffits.  Grace, our dietetic intern from Bluffton College, was given the opportunity to stay on the job site and learned how to use a nail gun (safely) and assist with putting up siding on one gable end of the house. 

We joined forces with AmeriCorp for several days, so supervision was given to their volunteers on how to put the siding up on the other end of the house.  The crawl space was insulated, the inside of the house was prepped for drywall, and 6 holes were dug and filled with cement for the porch supports.

The smoke from the Paradise fires was very evident; schools were closed and work crews on the roads were at a minimum. At times even the lake was obscured from view.  Please pray for all those who have lost family members and homes.

We had to say goodbye to Tim, our head cook, earlier than expected…. He is sorely missed!

It has been a blessing to be of service for our Lord.

The Long Term Volunteers – Don, Lorraine, David, Jan, Tim & Grace