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Lake County, California, Weekly Report, Nov 19-23, 2018

November 26, 2018

This week we were able to place crews at four different locations.  Henry helped Mr. Jerad, the homeowner, with installing plumbing in his home’s subfloor. David, Dan, Jesse, Noah and Raven built a front porch and a 10×10 back deck at Ms. Wilma’s home.  The work on her home is complete now, so the team moved to Mr. Paul’s home on Wednesday to build his back porch. 

Ed, Roger, Cole, Marco, Marlene and Pam have worked at Ms. Jocelyn’s home all week.  They installed laminate flooring in the bedrooms and general living areas and installed vinyl flooring in the bathrooms.  They installed locksets on the exterior doors and hung seven interior doors.  Several of the team worked in the crawl space to pull the electrical wiring in the conduit.  On Friday, Ms. Jocelyn brought chocolate chip cookies for the team to enjoy.

Due to the rain this week, outside work was limited; we also returned to our base site early on Thursday and enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving meal prepared by our cooks, Anne and Annie.  Even though the American volunteers in our group are outnumbered by the volunteers from Canada and Germany, we all enjoyed the break and opportunity to relax on this American holiday!

We have been blessed with rain this week.  Even though it made our work week more difficult, it was much needed here.  As a result, the fire is now about 95% contained.

We had 16 volunteers this week. They are from Pennsylvania (3), Illinois, Virginia, and Oklahoma (2), US; Alberta, British Columbia (2), Manitoba (2) and Saskatchewan (2), Canada; and Germany (2).  We welcomed Roger as crew leader, Anne and Annie as cooks; and Cole, Jesse, Marco, Noah and Raven, the five young people who are serving as year-long volunteers.

The Long-Term Volunteers – Don, David, Ed & Ruth, Roger & Anne, and Annie

French house floor: Pam and Marlene
Wilder’s deck: Raven, Jesse, Noah and Dan
French house door: Roger, Cole and Marco