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Lake County, California, Weekly Report, Nov 12-16, 2018

November 20, 2018

David and Jan spent most of the week working on Mr. Jerad’s house, putting mud seal down, laying floor joists, and installing rim board.  It is now ready for plumbing.  They also set posts and hung girders at Mr. Paul’s house.  On Thursday and Friday, Ed joined the work team and, together, they finished the front porch stairs and the porch ceiling.    

We continue to see and smell the smoke from the Paradise fires.  The death total is now at 76 persons and another 1000+ are unaccounted for.  Please continue to pray for all those who have lost family members and homes.

We had eight volunteers this week from Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Oklahoma (2), Alberta (2) and Ontario.  We said goodbye to Lorraine, office manager; Jan, crew leader; and to Grace, dietetic intern.  We welcomed Ed and Ruth as crew leader and office manager.  We are most grateful to Marlene who took over the role of cook and did an excellent job. 

It is a blessing to be of service for our Lord.

The Long-Term Volunteers – Don, Lorraine, David, Jan, Grace, Ed & Ruth 

Crew of 3
Redwood Valley house