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Lake County, CA – Weekly Report – Nov 26-30, 2018

December 7, 2018

We worked at three homes this week.  David, Jesse, Noah and Raven finished the hand rail on the front porch and back deck at Mr. Paul’s home.  They also painted the front of the house and the porch ceiling.  They joined Henry, who has been working with Mr. Jerad to install plumbing in his house.  While waiting for inspection of the plumbing to take place, the crew began constructing the walls.  By Wednesday, they began laying the sub floor and installing walls.  On Friday, Ed, Cole and Don joined them to install all 21 roof trusses and paint the subfloor to prevent rain water damage.  During this week, much has been accomplished – it is really taking shape as a house.

Ed, Roger, Cole, Marco, Marlene, Edgar and Ruth worked at Ms. Jocelyn’s home.  Some of the crew worked at painting and installing trim.  Several of the guys put gable vents in the attic and ran pex lines under the house for exterior hose bibs.  Work was continued on installing and adjusting various inside doors, as well as installing bathroom vanities and cabinets.  One afternoon was spent in general cleanup and filling a trash trailer which was brought to the site.  Ms. Jocelyn has visited the work site on several occasions and is pleased with the progress on her home – she has waited three years for a permanent home!

Once again, the almost-daily rain has slowed the work, but Lake County is very dry, so the rain is much appreciated.  Our team is determined to “keep going” and, with rain gear, have been pushing through.  Some of us think it is a bit cold, but the Canadians are enjoying the warmer weather!

We had 16 volunteers this week from Pennsylvania (3), Illinois, Virginia, and Oklahoma (2), US; Alberta (3), British Columbia (2), and Manitoba (2), Canada; and Germany (2).  Henry returned to his home on Friday and David and Marlene return to their homes on Saturday.  We are grateful for their contributions to the work in Lake County.

The Long-Term Volunteers – Don, David, Ed & Ruth, Roger & Anne, and Annie

Jerad house roof truss installation