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Lake County, CA – Weekly Report – Mar 4-8, 2019

March 13, 2019

We were blessed to have 15 volunteers with us this week. Eleven were from Canada, two from Pennsylvania, and two from Virginia. We enjoyed getting to know one another throughout the week and working together. This group was very knowledgeable, fun, and worked hard; an excellent group to work alongside of!

We worked on six homes this week – three of those days in the rain and mud!

Charlotte Frost’s house had skirting put around the outside and the exterior was prepped for trim. Drywall was repaired and doors were hung and trimmed.

At Janice Irvin’s home, the drywall was hung and finished and prep was done for deck railings and steps. Windows and door were also installed.

At the home of Katherine Ramos sewer lines were run. The front ramp and side steps were finished, along with the deck and siding.

Jerad Hotchkiss’ home had the insulation finished, followed by hanging and finishing the drywall, and blocking was done for shower rail.  

Armand Thibodeau’s house had the counter tops, kitchen sink, stove top and vent installed, as well as the bathroom shower door and sink. Outlet and switch plates were also put on; some plumbing was done, as was painting.

At Albert Soto’s house three exterior doors were fixed that did not work properly.

Highlights of the week included sharing a meal with and hearing reports from representatives of a local organization, Project Restoration. They run a five-bedroom house which provides transitional housing to vulnerable members of the community. Highlights also included donuts being delivered to the job sites on Shrove Tuesday and the sun shining on Friday!

We look forward to continue making progress on these homes next week.

Submitted by J. Loren, Dennis, Marvin, Laverne and Bev