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Lake County, CA – Weekly Report – Mar 18-22, 2019

March 28, 2019

Eight energetic volunteers joined us this week – four students and four adults – from West Point Community Covenant Church of West Point, California. This was their first time serving with MDS, having discovered MDS through volunteers who attended their church service while working on a project near them a few years ago. We were very impressed with these students who were often the first ones at the breakfast table in the morning! Our Canadian volunteer, Bob, stayed on for his second week.

We enjoyed getting to know these folks throughout the week. One evening Bruce was kind enough to share a bit of his life story with us – both the joys and the sorrows. Another evening we heard from Donny, who graciously shared about his seven years of homelessness.

Despite two days of rain, progress was made at the Frost house, where a rear deck and handicap ramp was built and electrical work was finished. Janis’ house had the drywall completed and the painting done. The crew at Jerad’s house finished the drywall so the painting can be started. Part of a day was spent at Frank’s connecting PVC intake and exhaust pipes to the water   heater.  

Highlights of the week included having the pastor and his wife from the church across the street eat with us on Thursday evening and share about their Sunday morning coffee ministry in the park with the homeless.               

Submitted by J. Loren, Dennis, Marvin, Laverne and Bev