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Lake County, CA – Weekly Report – Mar 11-15, 2019

March 19, 2019

A group of mixed aged volunteers from Vinewood Community Church in Lodi, California joined us this week, along with a volunteer from Canada. The volunteers’ ages ranged from a few students in the group who were on spring break all the way up to an 82 year old gentleman! We enjoyed working together and getting to know one another throughout the week, including playing some competitive evening games of Amish Dice.  

The Frost house saw noticeable progress as trim was added to the skirting and then two coats of paint were applied to both. An access door was built, backfill was done around the perimeter of the house, and the grading was finished. Footings were laid out and poured for a handicap ramp.

At Janis’ house this week, they worked at finishing the drywall and installed deck railing. Windows were trimmed, painted and caulked.

The crew at Jerad’s house spent the week taping seams and finishing drywall.  

Sharing a meal on Wednesday evening with Janis, one of the clients, was one of the highlights of the week. She shared her story, beginning with the day of the fire. I think we all were greatly impacted by hearing what she went through. Her advice to anyone who needs to evacuate their home is to take along your treasures. She reminded us that important papers can always be replaced from their original, whereas personal treasures cannot.

We discovered this week that our crew leaders enjoy working with each other so much that they wanted to see if they could walk a mile in the other’s shoes!

Submitted by J. Loren, Dennis, Marvin, Laverne and Bev