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Lake County, CA – Weekly Report – Jan 7-11, 2019

January 17, 2019

This week we enjoyed the company of 9 gentlemen from Weaverland Mennonite Conference, Pennsylvania; 4 people from Lebanon Mennonite Church, Oregon; and 1 volunteer from Alberta that will be here for two weeks.  Our guest speakers were from North Coast Opportunities (NCO) and Catholic Charities.  They live in the area and were able to give us background information on all of the fires that have troubled Lake County since 2015, as well as give us first hand reflections from the perspective of survivors.

It rained approximately 6 inches this week in Lake County.  This presented some challenges for our volunteers and extra caution had to be taken because the mud was so slippery, but our crew kept a positive frame of mind, worked well together, and got quite a lot accomplished. At the HotchKiss home, the exterior wrap was put into place and windows were installed. The siding was completed, vents were covered and windows were trimmed out. The interior door frames were installed and five of the doors were hung.

Our team mudded and sanded drywall in the Thibodeau home this week. We repaired exterior framing, fastened exterior walls to the foundation, and sheeted the exterior walls at the Soto’s (a new client) home. We got the garage framed and installed strapping around windows. We also framed the interior walls and finished top-plates. Concrete forms were removed from the foundation at the Irvin home. Floor joists were set as well as installing sill plates, blocking, and the center beam.  Under the floor deck, the hot and cold water lines were installed along with the drain line.