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Lake County, CA – Weekly Report – Jan 21-25, 2019

January 30, 2019

We were blessed to serve alongside two groups of volunteers in Lake County, California this week. We had a group of six Old Order Amish from Pennsylvania; and a group of ten people from North Baltimore Mennonite Church in Maryland.  We invited a client to join us for dinner on Wednesday.  After MDS finished building decks and entries on her home in December, she is now living in her home.  One of the greatest highlights of the week was that we had no rain!  The teams got a lot accomplished and really felt good about the work that got done.

Here are the summaries of progress on each of the jobsites this week:

At the Irvin home, the exterior walls were framed and sheeted, the interior walls were framed, the roof trusses were installed, and most of the roof was sheeted. Janis Irvin was filled with joy and awe as her home took on a 3-dimensional form.  It was very exciting to see! Janis joined us for dinner on Friday night which was a great way for our teams to end the week!

At the Soto home, trusses, sheeting and tar paper were installed on the roof. Fascia board was installed and porch gable ends were sheeted, plus blocking and hurricane ties were installed. It passed the framing inspection and now has weather wrap around it.

On the interior of the Hotchkiss home, doors and trim were hung, the fire sprinkler alarm was installed, and electrical wiring was mostly finished. On the exterior of the home, the large pit along the footing was filled with gravel, plus the siding and caulking was completed.  At this point we are waiting for an inspection before we can move forward.

Janis Irvin sitting in her doorway