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Lake County, CA – Weekly Report – Jan 14-18, 2019

January 24, 2019

This week we had volunteers from five different bookings unite under a banner of service and love to rebuild hope and healing in Lake County, California. We had a group of 11 from Rosthern, Canada; a married couple from Kutztown, PA; a Ukrainian gentleman working with Mennonite Central Committee for the year; a gentleman from Bemidji, Minnesota; and one Canadian volunteer who continued from last week.  We invited a new client and his wife for dinner on Wednesday and we were all impacted by their touching story of struggles and triumphs.  They shared also of how their neighbor has approached them indicating a desire to be a part of whatever it is that motivates these MDS volunteers to come and help in Lake County.  What an awesome opportunity our client now has to springboard into conversations of the precious love of Christ our Savior!

It rained most every day this week (but next week looks to be dry every day).  Our teams were forced into early returns most days. However, Friday provided good working weather and our wonderful volunteers were very happy to end with a good day’s work. Here are our accomplishments this week:

  • At the Soto home, we finished nailing plywood around the garage, and strapping around the windows. We received the delivery of the truss system on Saturday and are excited to get to the roofing in the week to come.
  • On the interior of the Hotchkiss home, doors were hung and electrical wiring continued. On the exterior some siding was installed, and we cleared a path for the delivery of gravel to fill the footing trenches.
  • At the home of Ms. French, our team installed cabinets plus a counter top and sink in the kitchen. We also installed countertops and sinks in 2 bathrooms.
  • We had one of the many inspections required by Lake County, California at the Irvin home. We were instructed to remove the heavy and wet straw from under the floor joists (it was placed there last week to soak up excess rainfall).  Other than that, we passed this inspection and were approved to move forward.  We had an evasive leak in the water line that took a while to finally find and repair.  On Friday, we were able to sheet the subfloor and start framing walls!