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Lake County, CA – Weekly Report – Feb 4-8, 2019

February 13, 2019

Spring-like weather remained throughout the entire week for our 16 new volunteers from Wisconsin and Manitoba. Every morning we were welcomed to a new day and breakfast by a local rooster crowing at dawn.

Janis Irvin’s home was insulated, strapped and painted.

Deanna Jones’ double wide home had repairs to the drywall joints, vents installed for the crawl space and a new front deck and railing made. The back steps were completed, a trench was dug for the sewer line and some of the piping was laid. A second coat of drywall was applied and work was done on the inside trim. The final cracks in the drywall were sanded. The exterior face board and skirting was painted and the redwood railing was completed by the end of the week.

Armand Thibodeau’s home had the lower cupboards set, closet doors hung, floors, windows sills and trim work finished.  The baseboards were installed and caulking around the windows and doors was completed. The front door was repaired and installed. The porch piers were cemented and the remainder of the porch was framed and a ramp built. A cement pad was poured for the end of the ramp. The kitchen countertop was ordered.

Charlotte Orton’s home had the floors prepared for new vinyl planking. The new floor was completed by the end of the week and the door jams and molding was stained.

This was the first time eleven Old Order young men from Wisconsin and one from Manitoba had worked on a MDS project. Their expertise and willingness to serve was a joy for the Project Director, Crew Leaders and homeowners. The cooks also enjoyed feeding their bottomless stomachs. It was a week full of blessings and friendship. Stories and work were often completed in the Pennsylvania German dialect which brought laughter and fun to our day. The gratitude of the home owners was again expressed with heartfelt words and tears. May God be praised.

Submitted by Don, Ryan, Karen, Darlene and Marvin