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Lake County, CA – Weekly Report – Feb 18-22, 2019

February 26, 2019

We were blessed with sunshine for the entire work week. The new volunteers, eleven from Ohio and one from Manitoba were given the opportunity to work without rain. All the years of experience and training were used to the full extent this week.

We also welcomed Grace Michalik from Bluffton College, who will assist the cooks for two weeks. Michele White Eagle came from Idaho to job shadow the Project Director for a week. Both of them added expertise and humor to our work day. Thank you, ladies, for bringing your unique talents and willingness to work with us. We worked on six homes this week.

Janis Irvin’s home had the siding painted, the caulking done and the outside deck framed. The plumbing drain was finished and the joints in the trailer were spackled. A huge rock was broken and hauled away so the deck can be built. Holes were dug for the deck posts and the posts were cemented in place. Jerad Hotchkiss’s home had the exterior walls painted and caulked. The soffits were installed and the electrical wiring was terminated.

At Charlotte Orton’s home, the trim and baseboards were sanded and final coat of urethane applied. We finished all of the trim and baseboards for which we had materials. Closet shelves were installed and the shower was prepared for the plumber. We also worked on two cabinets. Albert Soto’s home had the garage window installed.

Armand Thibodeau’s home had the electrical work started, closet shelves painted and the steel plate placed at the end of the outdoor ramp. The ramp is now completed. Deanne Jones’ home had a trench dug for a waterline from the road. Exterior handrails, the baseboards and door trim installed. The final repair of the drywall was painted, patched and stippled.

We enjoyed the friendship of all ages (23-80) this week. Games and puzzles were part of our evenings together. The cooks prepared exceptional meals and even tried a few new items for us to try. Thanks to Grace who worked with the gluten free, vegetarian and vegan food options. She also helped prepare our favorite Mennonite dishes.

We continue to network with members of the Methodist Church and the groups who meet here daily. Short trips to Cobb Mountain at the end of our work day have provided us with a glimpse of the lifestyle of the people in this county and how they are still dealing with the aftermath of the wild fires.

We say goodbye to Jared Friesen from Brandon, Manitoba this weekend. He has spent three weeks with us and his flexibility to work in the kitchen or take leadership of a crew was a real asset for the long term volunteers. Job well done, Jared! We trust your first experience with MDS was a blessing.

Blessings to all who worked this week and gave hope and encouragement to our clients. Safe travels home.

Submitted by: Don, Ryan, Karen, Robert, Willard and Jared