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Lake County, CA – Weekly Report – Feb 11-15, 2019

February 19, 2019

Nineteen leadership and weekly volunteers from New York, Wisconsin , Pennsylvania, Indiana, Manitoba, British Columbia and Ontario gathered to work on three homes this week. Work was a challenge because of the weather. Heavy rain slowed down our work and snow storms prevented volunteers from Oregon from traveling to the project.

At Armand Thibodeau’s home they finished the deck, railing and ramp. Painting of trim and doors was completed.

At Janis Irvin’s home the drywall patching was finished. Scaffolding was set up to complete installing the soffits. Four windows were also inserted and the siding was started.

At Jerad Hotchkiss’ home a form was built and cement poured to make the slab for the HVAC. The exterior siding was completed.

The heavy rain on Wednesday prevented outdoor work so a trip to Paradise California was organized for the weekly volunteers. The cleanup from the fires at the end of 2018 is still in progress. The devastation is unbelievable. How could a whole town be completely burned, both homes and businesses lost? Why were some areas burned and others missed?

We had a guest visit on Wednesday night for dinner who did not lose his home but needed to be evacuated so the water resources in his town could be used to fight the fires. Thank you Kenton for sharing your story and for answering our many questions related to wildfires.