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Lake County, CA – Weekly Report – Dec 3-7, 2018

December 11, 2018

We worked at three homes this week.  Roger, Edgar, Ruth, Monica, Don and Larissa continued the final touch ups on Ms. Jocelyn’s home. They installed the kitchen base cabinets, painted and caulked the rest of the baseboards, and washed windows.  We are waiting for the top kitchen cabinets to arrive and for the final grading to be completed outside so steps can be added to the porch.  On Thursday, Jesse and Jim joined them to begin work on Mr. Thibodeau’s home where they hung drywall on the ceiling, two bedrooms and all the closets. 

Ed, Cole, Marco, Noah, Raven, Jesse, Jim, Kyle, Kelly, Andrew and Darrel worked at Mr. Jerad’s home.  Marco worked with Mr. Jerad to install plumbing.  The rest of the crew installed fascia boards, sheathing on walls and the roof and erected the interior walls.  The entire house was covered with a tarp and we are now awaiting an inspection so that work can continue next week.

Each evening after a hard day’s work (sometimes a wet day), the crews return to a delicious hot meal prepared by our two cooks, Anne and Annie.  These two ladies have worked many hours to ensure our days are started off with a nutritious breakfast and end with a bountiful evening meal.  They have “discovered” a great resource in the butcher at a local meat market – his suggestions for meat preparation are very much appreciated. 

We had 21 volunteers this week from Pennsylvania (3), Illinois, South Dakota and Oklahoma (2), US; Alberta (7), British Columbia, Saskatchewan (2), and Manitoba (2), Canada; and Germany (2).  Jim, Kyle, Don, Larissa, Andrew, Kelly and Darrel returned to their homes on Saturday.  We are grateful for their contributions to the work in Lake County.

The Long-Term Staff – Don, Ed & Ruth, Roger & Anne, and Annie

Mr. Jerad’s house
Waiting for the inspector