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Lake County, CA – Weekly Report – Dec 10-14, 2018

December 18, 2018

This was a four-day work week, but much was accomplished in the two homes where we worked.   Roger, Edgar, Ruth, Monica, Jesse, Terry, Dick and Carl finished hanging drywall and then completed taping and mudding at Mr. Armand’s home.  There was about a half day of down time while they waited for an inspection after completing the drywall and before they could begin taping and mudding.  Almost all the volunteers returned in the evening with evidence of their day’s work on their clothing!

Ed, Cole, Marco, Noah, Raven, and Jim continued to work at Mr. Jerad’s home.  Marco has become Mr. Jerad’s valuable assistant as they continued to install plumbing under the house.  While waiting for an inspection, the rest of the crew installed pipe for a French drain, installed blocking and gutter, and painted fascia board.  Following the inspection, they began work on the roof, cutting and installing metal sheets and caulking the exterior wall perimeter.  By Thursday evening, the roof, soffit and trim boards were completed. 

We had 20 volunteers this week from Pennsylvania (3), Illinois, South Dakota, Washington (4) and Oklahoma (2), US; Alberta (2), British Columbia, and Manitoba (4), Canada; and Germany (2).  Edgar and Ruth (3 weeks), Monica (2 weeks), Curtis and Heather (1 week) and Jim, Terry, Richard and Carl (1 week) all returned to their homes on Friday.  On Friday, Raven, Noah, Marco, Cole and Jesse, year-long volunteers, and Don, Ed & Ruth, Roger & Anne and Annie, long-term staff, completed clean up and storage of the vehicles, kitchen and house for the holiday break.  We drove to the Sacramento airport on Saturday morning and departed on various flights to our homes.  It has been a good time of making new friends, visiting and serving together in the Lake County communities.

The Leadership Volunteers  – Don, Ed & Ruth, Roger & Anne, and Annie

Cooks – Annie & Ann
Marco & Cole at Mr. Jerad’s house
Raven, Jim & Noah at Mr. Jerad’s house