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Lafayette, La. – Weekly Report – October 27, 2017

November 7, 2017

We happily received seven volunteers from Ohio. These hard-working people put their hand to whatever was asked of them.

Our first home received new exterior/closet doors, and crown molding expertly inserted by Jim Wagler and his lovely assistant Sue Wagler. Some touch-up painting was required as well as a new ceiling in the bedroom installed by Sarah Bunnett …. and Sue Wagler!

At our second home volunteers replaced the kitchen cabinets at the request of the homeowner.

The third home has a variety of work being done. Kitchen cabinets were stained, we worked on the countertops,  toilets got installed, and a good deal of flooring was finished.

The nightly reports grew into very tall tales from each crew, one outdoing the next.  Some of the stories shared included a mayor stopping by a worksite.  He was impressed by the MDS volunteers. One group saw a  plane fly very low nearby doing fancy maneuvers. Also mentioned was a house was on fire on route to a site. A gecko was thankfully not put into a cooler to surprise the unsuspecting office manager who wipes them out.  You can see how these stories could enjoy embellishment, allowing the crew to be first to enjoy the cook’s wonderful desserts.

Thanks to all, and especially our cooks, for making the first week of working on client homes in Lafayette a success.

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