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Lafayette, La. Weekly Report, Feb. 19-23, 2018

March 3, 2018

This week we continued with seven long-term volunteers from Ohio, Colorado, Pennsylvania and South Dakota. As for short-term volunteers we had one person from New York and eleven from Pennsylvania.

We sent crews to work at seven different houses this week:

The work continues at Danna George’s home. We are into the third week on this project which began with replacing drywall throughout the house. She was brought to tears seeing the walls painted in a soft tan color. This week ended with hugs and kisses for the workers. We continued on flooring installation, trim, and doors to hang. Cabinets are ordered, so we will continue here next week.

Gwen Soileau had a new roof put on her mobile home where a tree came down and did damage. We also repaired door frames for her. This job is now completed.

For Shirley Welcome we worked on drywall finishing/painting.

The home of Annette Francis is another extensive job. Her husband, Russell, works offshore as a chef and likes to cook even when he is home. He leaves again next week. We did flooring and trim and started work on a shower installation.

At Elicia Romero’s house we began and finished this week. We installed laminate flooring in four rooms, including a bathroom where we worked on plumbing to put her fixtures back in place. She was very appreciative and cooked a Cajun meal for the workers. Those men can really put it away!

For Elton Aubrey we tore out bathroom fixtures. There is a lot left to do next week. We are working on installing flooring in 2 bedrooms.

At the home of Kevin Johnson we are finishing up painting and trim.

At the home of Mary Celestine we got started on removing and replacing the badly deteriorated deck.  The rainy weather has delayed this project, but we began on Friday with the back deck. Extremely muddy work!

The volunteers enjoyed jigsaw puzzles in the evenings. Darkness was no problem – they brought lights for the volleyball court. Our cook, grandma Rose, prepared wonderful meals and had stories of how she acquired some of her recipes.

New skills were learned on the jobs: laminate flooring installation and trim work.

The deck for the Celestine’s will continue into next week, as will the work at the Annette Francis and Danna George homes. Dave and Patti Hughes will be preparing to turn the project over to new leadership at the end of next week.

On Thursday evening most of the volunteers dined at the Gator Cove restaurant where they sampled shrimp, catfish, and alligator. There were two big plates of boiled crawfish to share. Certainly, the Pennsylvania people will long remember the sight of those “mud bugs” with their many legs and long antennae.

The Lafayette Volunteer Team