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La Grange, TX – Weekly Report – Jan 21-25, 2019

January 30, 2019

Why Me Lord 

“Why Me Lord” is a song written by Kris Kristofferson in 1972 after an experience during a revival meeting he had been invited to by friends.  Besides Kristofferson, it has been recorded by many artists and became one of the biggest hit songs of his career. 

It tells of a feeling many Christians experience when considering the blessings received compared to our many wrongs. In the second verse, the song asks and answers a question that is on the mind of many.

Tell me Lord, if you think there’s a way I can try to repay, all I’ve taken from you.
Maybe Lord, I can show
someone else, what I’ve been through myself
On my way back to you.

During the weeks of serving at an MDS project, helping to rebuild hope by rebuilding a home, our volunteers tell lots of personal stories.  Many are accounts of how God has blessed them despite not being worthy of those blessings.  Their stories often end with “so, that’s why I am here, trying to pass on those blessings,” and “show someone else what I’ve been through myself.”

For our ninth week of the La Grange response for 2018-2019, the three families from La Grange, Indiana, were joined by a group from Pennsylvania and a crew leader’s mother from Saskatchewan. It soon looked like a very large family reunion, as those shared stories wove us all together in God’s family.

This ninth week was the time for our first home dedication for this season.  Ms. Eloise, with her family, friends, and larger community, did not actually say “Why Me Lord” but her comments expressed the same thoughts.  For some volunteers, this was a day to recall the times when they had been lifted up. All shared Ms. Eloise’s joy.

On the other six houses, progress was steady and the steps toward their own dedication day were impressive.  Work on the framing, dry walling, roofing, painting, and flooring blended with installation of cabinets, lights, fans, hand rails and insulation. It was a time of much joyous work as volunteers passed on blessings to six more clients.

The one disappointment was that a nearby town did not issue a building permit for a new home. The old damaged house had been demolished, but no permit was forthcoming. That was to be our eighth house! Materials and trusses had been ordered. Now what?

The local team quickly had the answer for that question.  A single mother was on the waiting list.  She had just closed on the purchase of a lot for a new home to replace the one washed away in the flood.  The La Grange City Manager and Mayor said they would expedite the permit. Since the lot had all the utilities installed, there would be no delay for those.

Due to the history of foundation delays, MDS offered to build the foundation, and soon a plan took shape to use the ordered materials in this new home.  The MDS Job Card was signed. The floor plan and location of the home on the lot were determined. Instead of framing a house this next week, we will be building a foundation for a very happy mother.

Having reached the half-way point in La Grange, we can see lots of good things accomplished and more to work on.  We can also see the multiple ways that our volunteers have been able to show someone else what they’ve been through and the blessings received.  We are praying for wisdom, safety and energy to pass on more blessings as we continue through our final nine weeks.

From La Grange, Fayette County, Texas
Ellen, Louise, Anne, Elsie, Daniel, Dan, Henry, Andrew, David and Carl