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La Grange, TX – Weekly Report – Feb 11-15, 2019

February 21, 2019

Don’t Get Adjusted 

Sanford J. Massengale grew up in Oklahoma and in the 1920’s attended the Stamps Music School in Dallas, Texas.  Over his life until he died in 1992, Massengale wrote over 1,800 church songs and hymns.  In “I Don’t Want to Get Adjusted”, he wrote about not getting too attached to the things of this world.

And I don’t want to get adjusted to this world, to this world
I’ve got a home so much better
and I’m gonna go there sooner or later
And I don’t want to get adjusted to this world, to this world

Sometimes, a Christ follower will encounter times that seem more heavenly than worldly.  In the midst of those times, you don’t really want to get back to your normal life and routines.  Last week on the La Grange, Texas project was like that.

The short-term volunteers included some holdovers from Michigan, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, plus two groups of young people from Pennsylvania.  After Sunday evening orientation the heavenly encounters started.  Instead of getting out the puzzles and games, these volunteers picked up their song books lifted glad voices.  After the crew leaders had picked out their crews and returned to the dining room, the singing was in full swing.   By the time for “lights out,” the various voices had found their pitch with each other in lovely harmonies.

The singing also started each morning. After everyone made their lunch, Crew Leader Errol got out the books and started picking out songs.  Our kitchen staff appreciated the heavenly concert each morning.  After hearing those sounds we all became reluctant to being adjusted to our normal world.

The week was not all singing. It was just one part of the whole. Great food and great visiting around the tables was a major part of the week also.  Younger and older volunteers easily spanned any generational barriers. Even volleyball and basketball games included an older player in the mix.

On the jobsites, energy and experience blended well. Young and older muscles lifted drywall panels into place and screwed them to the studs and trusses. Siding was painted before installing and after installation. Wires were pulled at one house and were connected to switches and receptacles at another.

The final steps for the house being dedicated next week were completed. Our crew finished the touch-up painting and cleaning of floors and windows, while local contractors got their final plumbing and electrical connections made.

The next to final steps for the house to be dedicated the week after were moving right along. Walls were painted, flooring and interior doors installed, and window trim was primed, cut and prepared for installation.

The biggest news of the week is that we will get to start a ninth house. The permit was issued and foundation schedule was committed to. That means on Feb. 25 we will start another house for a happy client. She thought her chances were over for this year. We will not be able to finish that house, but expect to get a lot done before leaving at the end of March.

We also had the chance to share a supper with the client family for our 8th house, Ms. Jessica and her three children.  Listening to their heart wrenching story reminded me of the opening line of the song… 

In this world we have our trials, sometimes lonesome, sometimes blue
But the hope of life eternal, makes all our hopes brand new

Being selected for a new home on the last possible week really made this family’s hope brand new.  Their frequent visits to the new house to help paint, bring snacks and just show their big smiles, make the volunteers very happy to be building this home.

With events like these happening here, we really don’t want to have to go back home and get adjusted to the routine things of life.

From La Grange, Fayette County, Texas
Cheryl, Gene, Dick, Sharon, Edith, Mike, Lowell, Bob, Evie, David, Errol, and Carl