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La Grange, Texas Weekly Report, Feb. 19-23, 2018

March 4, 2018

This week we had a group from Pennsylvania and a group from Ontario join us for a week of wet and cooler weather. We also had a new assistant cook come to help Ev with the great food. Nobody goes away hungry!

Since it was somewhat rainy in La Grange this week it slowed us down a bit. The mud for the drywall was very slow in drying so we just worked around that. Paint was another area which took longer to dry so there was some shifting of work crews to get as much completed as possible.

This week consisted of flooring and trim painting at Mike’s,

Trim finishing at Jason’s home,

Mark’s home got the paneling and trim painted and prepped the floor for painting. Mark invited the crew from his home to a concert on Monday in which he was one of the musicians. It was quite enjoyed by those who could attend.

The Charles home had the dry wall completed and a significant amount of mudding happened. It’s always exciting to see a house coming together closer to completion.

Cynthia’s home also received some mudding and getting ready for more paint.

Billy’s home was started this week with the walls coming up by the end of the week. This was another job that was hampered by the rain, it would be work, wait for the rain to stop and work again.

Two new jobs were signed up this week, one new build and one repair. We’re not going to run out of work here any time soon!

This week Diana and Sara from the Recovery Team joined us and gave us some info on what’s happening. There are still lots of people who need help and are still living in one room accommodations while they wait for repairs on their homes or new builds.

Andrew, Bob, David, Ev, Lowell, Michael, Henri, Stefi, Carl, Willy