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La Grange, Texas, Weekly Report, Nov 12-16, 2018

November 20, 2018

Happiness is Starting a House 

Week 2 of the La Grange, TX project started out cold and wet. In fact, on two nights it got below freezing and there was frost on the vehicle windshields those mornings.  One morning at breakfast it snowed.  The local folks thought it was great!   They don’t often see snow.

Weekly volunteers came from Michigan (1), Indiana (7) and Ohio (4). They noted one day it was a degree colder here than back in Indiana.  They thought they came south to get some relief from cold temperatures.  However, they were able to work in sunshine on Thursday and Friday, so they left with some good memories of beautiful Texas weather.

Work has progressed well on Ms. Eloise’s house this week.  The roof is strapped and waiting for metal.  By Friday the corner trim and starter strips were placed so siding can begin next week.  All interior walls are finished and the contractors for HVAC, electric and plumbing can now begin their work.

Ms. Eloise stopped by nearly every day and has been ebullient in her enthusiasm and excitement which has energized the eager volunteers.

The contractor finally finished the foundation on Ms. Sandra’s house on Wednesday.  Our crew started the floor system on Thursday and the decking was nearly finished on Friday.  Ms. Sandra stopped by on her lunch hour and was very excited to see the house started.

We hosted a training group this week, led by 6 staff members from Lititz.  The group joined us for Sunday evening orientation and had sessions on Monday and Tuesday.  There were 15 people learning the roles of Project Director, Construction Supervisor and Crew Leader. 

Our hosts, Camp Lost Pines, celebrated their 30th anniversary with a day of reunion and a bar-b-que lunch on Saturday.  They invited Carl to give a brief talk about MDS and its mission here in Fayette County.

On Saturday we said goodbye to Bob N. and hello to 4 new long term volunteers.  Cindy and Dennis D., Megan C. and Jordon M. will be here for the next 4 weeks.

From La Grange, in Fayette County, Texas

Bob, Ginny, Brenda, Dave, Laura, Carl, Cindy, Dennis, Megan and Jordon