La Grange, TX

Disaster Date: 08/17/2017
Project Status: Closed
Project Needs: New construction of homes
Project End Date: 03/30/2019
What Happened:

Hurricane Harvey reached tropical storm status on August 17, 2017 and continued to develop and intensify, becoming a category 3 hurricane that finally dissipated on September 3, 2017. It was the costliest natural disaster ever on record in the U.S. and the first major hurricane to make landfall on U.S. soil since 2005. There were 91 confirmed deaths and more than 300,000 people were left without electricity. Many people were displaced and thousands of homes were destroyed or sustained major damage.

What MDS Is Doing:

Weekly volunteers will be staying at the Dorm Building at Camp Lost Pines (showers and restrooms are in the building). There is a short walk to the Dining Hall for meals. The camp website is and phone number is 832-830-5337. Most of the work that MDS will focus on will be new home construction.

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