Jennings, LA – Weekly Report – July 25-30, 2021

August 5, 2021

We had a youth group from Lighthouse Mission Church in Honey Grove, Texas volunteer with us this week. The group of 19 volunteers broke into teams that completed work on 5 different job sites. We had a flooring team that repaired floors in 2 homes. We had a drywall team that finished mudding and sanding the walls of two large bathrooms at base camp.  We had a roofing team that removed old shingles and installed new shingles on a home.  And the final team repaired siding on a home, then primed and painted it.  These last two teams were working outdoors, under some brutal conditions with intense heat.  But the highlight for me was the last day when they helped us deep clean base camp in preparation to shut down for a couple of months until fall volunteers return.  They washed vehicles, cleaned up their bunks and scrubbed bathrooms.  But more than that, they wet scrubbed and shop vacuumed the concrete floor of this 6,000 sq ft gymnasium that we are housed in.  We also enjoyed having Phil and Loretta Helmuth join us for the week.