Jamestown, CO

Project Status: Closed
What Happened:

Colorado had been experiencing varying levels of drought prior to the week of storms that began on September 9. A slow-moving cold front stalled over Colorado, causing catastrophic flooding along Colorado’s Front Range from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins. Nearly 19,000 homes were damaged. Boulder County, including Jamestown, was the worst hit: heavy rain fell over five days, exceeding the county’s annual average. 262 homes were destroyed and nearly 300 more damaged. Over 90% of the community has been forced to relocate, and sadly, three deaths were reported.

In Jamestown, roads and buildings were washed out from mud and rising waters of James Creek and Little Jim Creek, which run through the town. Many residents were evacuated by helicopter.

What MDS Is Doing:

Once the waters receded, MDS was invited to Jamestown to help rebuild homes damaged by the floods. In early October, MDS volunteers arrived to begin removing flood debris and mud covering parking lots, removing downed trees, demolishing severely damaged buildings, and removing wet possessions from homes. The scope expanded to include rebuilding homes and some new builds for homes completely destroyed by the flood. Several members of the community worked alongside MDS to rebuild their own homes, and MDS provides assistance as needed.