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As Hurricane Sally plows on, how can you help?

September 17, 2020

Mennonite Disaster Service is monitoring Hurricane Sally as it continues to threaten the southeastern U.S. with torrential rains this week after making landfall on Sept. 16 in Alabama. Dozens of homes have already been destroyed or damaged by this life-threatening storm.

MDS has been talking with churches and faith-based disaster response partners on the ground in the area, assessing new damage and checking on with communities in which MDS volunteers have built and repaired homes in the past.

“Both fortunately and unfortunately, communities in the southeastern U.S. have a lot of experience with hurricanes,” explained MDS Executive Director Kevin King.

“This means that MDS is already at the table with existing local long-term recovery groups, that we already know and love many of these communities, and that we have been receiving real-time reports of the unfolding damage almost by the hour.”

MDS will soon be able to send local Early Response Teams to begin cleanup efforts and, months from now, will also be part of the long-term rebuild and repair effort to get people back into their homes.

For now, people wishing to volunteer are asked to stay out of the area until it’s safe to respond.

Your donations will help MDS respond to Hurricane Sally survivors as soon as possible, as well as down the road when the last, most vulnerable people are going home.

“Please pray for our brothers and sisters in the southeast,” said King. “They have been through a lot, and they’re going through more now.”

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