Greenbrier County, WV – Weekly Report – Mar 9-13, 2020

April 1, 2020

The weather is warming up here in West Virginia!  We’ve had some beautiful days and soon the trees should be starting to bud and these mountains will turn green.  We’ve already seen various spots of crocus and daffodils in bloom! 

Two men arrived from Canada on Saturday, and a group of 10 men joined us on Sunday from Ohio.  The Ohio group is mainly men from Mike and Linda’s home church and we enjoy having them join us! 

A variety of jobs are getting worked on at the Cales’ house.  Kitchen cabinets were installed, along with the countertop at the beginning of the week.  Flooring was also started and windows were trimmed.  The painting of doors and trim also continued. 

At the new build, Mr. Miller’s, floor blocking and sheeting was done on Monday and outside walls were started.  On Tuesday, after several breaks for slight rain showers, the volunteers built and stood outside walls and finished the blocking.  By week’s end, rafters were up and the sheeting finished!

At Ms. Kensinger’s, volunteers were working on the ramp, touching up some taping and drywall and doing interior painting.  The kitchen cabinets were installed and we’re waiting for the countertop to arrive. 

The final checklist and cleaning was done this week at two homes, Ms. Morrison and Ms. Gabbert.  We received the final inspection and occupancy certificate for both these homes at the end of the week and turned the keys over to Ms. Morrison on Friday afternoon! 

On Friday we took Hank to the airport for his return to Canada. Thank you, Hank, for your excellent leadership for these four weeks.   The ten weeks here have been good ones for Mike and I, and we have enjoyed the many, many volunteers that we’ve met through the weeks, as well as the long term volunteers that we’ve lived with these weeks.  As always, the work and the relationships with the folks in the area, the homeowners, and the VOAD team have been so good!

Greenbrier Co. long term team, Gordon and Maria, Hank, Erv and Esther, Chuck and Ginny, Mike and Linda