Greenbrier County, WV – Weekly Report – Mar 2-6, 2020

April 1, 2020

This week we welcomed four new volunteers to our long term team.  Chuck and Ginny joined us here as crew leaders, along with Erv, as crew leader, and Esther, as cook assisting Maria.    The age range of our crew just rose significantly as we sent the 20-somethings on their way, and welcomed the…… well, let’s just say, those that are a bit older!

Our short term team was a wonderful group of 15 college students from Bluffton University in Bluffton, Ohio.  They were a joy to have and we appreciated their cooperation and participation in whatever jobs we had for them to do!  Shoveling pea gravel in crawl spaces was one of their favorites!  Not!  Lauren was here from Ohio for her second week. 

This week we began going up with a new house in Union, WV.  We are building on a foundation that is almost 10 feet high!  Early in the week scaffolding was set, center piers filled and sill plate put on.  By week’s end, floor joists were going on. 

At the Cales’ home, the interior walls were finished painting and many, many feet of trim and baseboard got two coats of paint.  By mid-week, it was time to paint all the interior doors.  Closet doors were installed in the house and gravel was shoveled in the crawl space one day, as well as work being done on the porch spindles. 

At Ms. Kensinger’s, the work was mostly building the ramp, but some final sanding of the drywall was done on the interior.  This house will be ready for interior paint next week.

On Thursday evening, Kathy from VOAD joined us for our evening meal and then shared with us about the work here and the flood. 

Greenbrier Co. long term team, Gordon and Maria, Hank, Erv and Esther, Chuck and Ginny, Mike and Linda