Greenbrier County, WV – Weekly Report – Jan 20-24, 2020

January 28, 2020

Our group of volunteers arrived Sunday evening, four couples coming from nearby Virginia, and 5 young men who had travelled from New York.  Two more men arrived from Virginia on Monday and stayed through the day on Wednesday and then had to back home.  The temperatures were cold, some mornings in the single digits, so they went to the sites with many layers!  Fortunately the sun shone brightly and helped to provide some warmth!

VOAD cannot believe the progress made on these homes in the last two weeks!  It is amazing to start only with foundations and now see walls and roofs!  The homeowners are so anxious for them to be finished after temporarily living elsewhere! 

Monday found the crew at Ms. Kensinger’s hanging the rest of the trusses, building front porch beams, and sheeting two walls.  At Ms. Morrison’s, they worked on the porch deck.  Windows were reframed, and windows and doors installed at the Cales’ home.  By Wednesday the volunteers were continuing the work on the porch deck, started insulation and nailed simpson brackets at Ms. Morrison’s, and the porch deck was getting framed at the Ms. Gabbart’s.   At Ms. Kensinger’s, the roof was dried in and shingles were started, the porch deck was framed and joist hangers were hung.  Sheeting was renailed, porch posts straightened, and trusses were set at the Cales’ home. 

On Thursday evening we enjoyed sharing our evening meal with Ms. Lucy Morrison, and 7 of her family.  Her son shared some stories of what they encountered with the flood and how they were affected.  They were somewhat used to the river water rising, but never so rapidly and at such a swift pace!  It caught so many off guard. 

By the end of the week a lot had been accomplished!  Our volunteers worked hard through some cold temperatures and then some mud!  By Friday, the crews at Ms. Kensinger’s had framed in the kitchen and two bathrooms, put in deadwood, installed three windows and finished the front deck.  Soffit and facia was worked on at Ms. Morrison’s, along with starting the insulation. 

The volunteers enjoy having the gym here and have fun playing volleyball games together, or watching the community folks who come in the evenings to play basketball.  We also enjoy card games and usually a puzzle is in progress! 

Greenbrier Co. long term team, Bill, Jonathan, Uriah, Katrina, Rebekah, Ron and Char, and Mike and Linda