Greenbrier County, WV – Weekly Report – Feb 17-21, 2020

February 26, 2020

This weekend we said goodbye to two of our long term team.  Ron and Char headed home after 6 weeks of service here.  Thank you Ron, for your good work as crew leader, and Char, for all those delicious meals you helped prepare!  We also gained a new crew leader, Hank, who arrived from Canada on Saturday evening. 

We had a good mix of volunteers this week as they arrived from 6 different areas of the US and Canada!  Two young men came from Ontario, and 4 others from near Toronto.  Four men travelled from PA, a couple from Iowa, and we were excited to have our son, daughter-in-law and 3 little girls come from Ohio.  Linda’s nephew, his wife and young daughter and son joined us from VA the last part of the week.  There was lots of laughter and fun at the job sites and our evening reports generated much laughter every evening!

We also enjoyed interacting with several MDS staff persons this week!  Karla Friesen joined in the work on Monday, and Jerry Grosh and Larry Stoner spent Wednesday checking out the sites and sharing the evening meal with us.  It was good to have them!

The work continues on three or four homes, depending on the week.  In Alderson, at Ms. Kensinger’s, they put in insulation on Monday and started to hang drywall.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, the hanging of drywall continued, and then the mudding began and continued the rest of the week. 

Volunteers worked on the interior at Ms. Morrison’s, putting up the white trim and installing the interior doors.  The kitchen cabinets were installed his week also.

At Ms. Cales, the volunteers are at the mudding and sanding drywall stage and have worked at that all week. 

The taping, mudding and sanding was finished up at Ms. Gabbart’s home this week.  A good cleaning was done and then the flooring was finished in several bedrooms by the end of the week.  Interior doors and kitchen cabinets were also installed. 

Thursday evening we enjoyed having Ms. Kensinger join us for our meal and spend some time sharing her experiences of the flood with us.  She is anxious to be back in her own home again as she is presently living in a motel.

Greenbrier Co. long term team, Jonathan, Uriah, Katrina, Rebekah, Gordon and Maria, Hank, Mike and Linda