Greenbrier County, WV – Weekly Report – Feb 10-14, 2020

February 19, 2020

We have beautiful, sunny weekends, then the rain begins again on Monday!  This week was once more a rainy beginning of our work week!  But the volunteers work through whatever the weather and don’t complain!

A volunteer arrived on the plane Saturday evening from Iowa, and then 11 more volunteers arrived on Sunday evening from the Lititz area of PA.  Uriah and Katrina were scheduled to arrive back from the AUM on Sunday evening, but their flight was cancelled and until they arrived in Chicago by train, they missed their connecting flight!  So they rejoined us on Monday evening. 

Mudding, mudding and more mudding is the daily report from Ms. Gabbert’s home!  That continued through Tuesday when they began some sanding.   Three of our volunteers have a decking business at home so we’re hoping the weather cooperates so they can build some steps and ramps this week.  They did manage to have a short time on Tuesday afternoon without rain and could build the steps for Ms. Gabbert.  On Friday, the weather cooperated and the ramp got built along with the railings.  Inside the house, a crew was painting doors and trim so that will be ready when the interior is painted.

And at Ms. Cales, the hanging of drywall continues.  Some volunteers also worked on the steps and deck outside that home on Tuesday.  By Friday, the hanging of drywall was completed and the steps and the deck were also finished. 

Things are really changing at Ms. Morrison’s as the interior painting was finished on Monday, along with all the trim.  Several of the crew worked on the ramp decking outside until the rain got to be too much to work in!  The sanding of the floors in preparation of installing flooring had to wait until the paint was completely dry, so that crew headed to Ms. Cales to help with the work there.   On Tuesday, at Ms. Morrison’s, several of the girls began putting down flooring, and when it rained, some of the guys helped as well.  Several of the bathrooms and bedrooms were finished by the end of the day.  In the afternoon, they guys ventured outside again while the rain wasn’t falling to work on the ramp and porch railing.  The air conditioner stand was built and stone was shoveled into the crawl space.

Another good week with our wonderful volunteers! 

Greenbrier Co. long term team, Jonathan, Uriah, Katrina, Rebekah, Ron and Char, Gordon and Maria and Mike and Linda