Grand Forks, BC – Weekly Report – Sept 2-6, 2019

September 13, 2019

Warm weather and many skilled volunteers provided the opportunity to get a great deal of work done this week. We had ten short term volunteers from British Columbia and Manitoba. Ten Long Term Volunteers came from British Columbia, Alberta , Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Maryland to work here for the month of September. A truly Binational team.

Karen Fillo’s home had the drywall mudded and sanded. The attic access was installed, the dryer vent and the rock formation in the bathroom was washed and cut to make a water feature .The soffits were completed. We are now ready to start painting.

Darcy Yates home had the bathroom dry walled and the kitchen, dining room, living room and hallways sanded. All of the rooms were primed and final paint completed. The old chimney was removed.

Courtney and Jesse Redding’s home had the electrical work completed, the front door was painted, and shelving installed in the pantry and laundry room. The tiling in the bathroom and the plumbing and HVAC was completed. A through clean up of the home and garbage removed were done for the home dedication on Wednesday. The final inspections were done by the end of the week.

Kent Tough’s home had touch up mudding and painting done. Baseboards were painted and the final coat of paint in the dining room was done. Trim work was installed and doors hung. The kitchen and bath were also painted and the new appliances moved in. Vents and the kitchen sink were installed along with new door knobs. A closet was framed and drywalled .On the outside of the home the siding was scraped, ready for painting. Debbie Smith’s home had drywall mudded with the second coat and sanded.

Dale Watt’s home was started this week. Concrete was poured, siding removed and the skirting prepared. The removal of an outside faucet was completed. The home dedication of the Redding home was a highlight of the week. In exactly four months this new home had the foundation poured and everything finished. At the dedication presentations of a Bible, quilt and the book The Hammer Rings Hope were made

The quilt represented the many pieces that are sewn together to make a blanket, the same as many people come together to make a contribution to the completion of the home. The Bible was presented by the electrician who worked on the house and he left the following words with the family.

“It is my privilege to give you a Bible.  It is the guide book of the God we serve.  Jesus is my Lord and King and because of what He has done for me I chose to serve Him by serving you. 

In Philippians 2:2 says “make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose.”

Should you chose to read this Bible I have placed the marker in the book of Mark, is a good place to start.  There is also a good youtube channel called The Bible Project, which helps explain what you are reading, I have found it helpful.”

The MDS Director gave them a copy of the book. The Hammer Brings Hope to give the history of our work and for them to read the stories of people who have experienced disasters. The program ended with the singing of How Great Thou Art.

 A wonderful ending to an emotional meeting of many volunteers and supporters.  This was truly a God moment. We are looking forward to what God has in store for us this coming week, including working with a new group of weekly volunteers sand a visit from the MDS Canada executive.

Roman, Karen, Robert, Willard, Ray, Darlene Garry, Glenis and Jim