Grand Forks, BC – Weekly Report – Sept 16-20, 2019

September 26, 2019

We welcomed to the Grand Forks MDS unit thirteen new weekly volunteers from Alberta, Pennsylvania a Long Term volunteer from Ontario and our new cook Linda from Penticton BC. Glenn Hillard from the Lititz office job shadowed the different roles in our unit and helped with the dry walling in a home for three days before visiting the Winnipeg office.

We experienced God in many ways this week. The skills brought to the team continue to amaze us. God has provided the right people at the right time.

We worked on eight homes this week with one home completed and the job card signed.

Darcy Yates’ home had the floors leveled, some mudding was done and the remaining trim was installed. The vinyl plank flooring was put down in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living area. The bathroom vanity was installed and an outside window trim was completed.

In Karen Fillo’s home the sleepers and subfloor in the bathroom were installed and the mudding and sanding finished. The walls were primed in the bathroom, laundry and kitchen. The vinyl plank flooring was completed throughout the house and the back door installed. The vinyl exterior siding was finished.

Kent and Jolie Lawrence’s home had drywall hung, taping and mudding followed with the second coat done and sanded by the end of the week.

Debbie Smith’s final work was done. The trim and baseboard was completed and the dryer vent and hose installed. The job was finished and the job card signed.

Brian Norwood’s home was mudded, sanded and primed. By the end of the week the final coat of paint was put on. The trim was painted and the door and window casings were installed. The living room floor was prepped for the new floor.

Jennifer Houghton’s home is a tiny house. Her kitchen cabinets were reworked and installed, the plumbing roughed in and OSB installed at the end wall. The bathroom wall was placed and the plumbing completed .Doors knobs were installed and a window repaired.

On Dale and Marilyn Watt’s home we continued to work on the skirting and built a roof and door casing for the cellar entry

Barbara McCelland’s home and the final touches done. A cabinet was installed, dryer hookup and the siding repaired where the previous vent had been

Our dinner guests Dale and Marilyn Watt came on Wednesday night to share their story about the flooding of their home. We also had Pastor Chris Hughes from Abbydale Mennonite Church in Calgary join us on the Pastors to Project program this week. His family joined us for some evening meals. It is not often that we have preschool children at our dinner table.

On Friday morning the cooks and office staff went on a tour of all the work sites. It was amazing to see all of the work being done and we were able to treat the volunteers at each site with cronuts, a combination of a croissant and a donut. They are a special treat made in Grand Forks on Friday morning.

Warmer weather returned on Thursday so we could have another outdoor barbeque and on Friday our entire team was invited to a barbeque at the Rockwool plant followed by a tour of the premises. It was organized by Kurt Walter, one of the homeowner we worked with, who works at the plant. It was an interesting tour and we felt honoured to be there.

Our Pennsylvania friends arrived home safely on Saturday tired but said they will always have a piece of their hearts in Grand Forks. We look forward to new short this coming week.

Submitted by: Roman, Karen, Willard, Ray, Darlene, Jim, Linda and Jan