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Grand Forks, BC – Weekly Report – May 27-31, 2019

June 5, 2019

Week four in Grand Forks brought a group of seven volunteers from The Meeting Place in Winnipeg, MB, bringing the number of volunteers to 20. Their enthusiasm and willingness to take on any task assigned brought about a real transformation in the home of Kirk and Wendy, where the entire house received paint and took on a new complexion.

At the home of Radek and Geordie the drywall was completed and taping and mudding started. They joined us for dinner and, as we listened to their story of the night the flooding took place, we could only imagine the fear and overwhelming sense of hopelessness they experienced. They worked hard to make sure that their neighbours got out before it was too late. Thankfully it is MDS’ motto to restore hope and that is what the volunteers are doing in Grand Forks!

Seeing the old from a different point of view is shown in the picture below which was taken from the window of the new, looking out at the home that is presently occupied by Jesse and Courtnay. This home has changed the most. The windows are installed and it is almost completely closed in.

The week ended with two new clients being added to the list by the Thiessens when they arrived mid week.  This will provide meaningful work for the volunteers to continue working.

Thankful for God’s provision of volunteers when they are needed.

Rosa, Dietrich, Eli, Zach, Heather, Jan, Noah, Marco, Cole, Larry and Judy