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Grand Forks, BC – Weekly Report – May 20-24, 2019

June 3, 2019

Six volunteers from Alberta and British Columbia joined us this week; bringing the total volunteer number to 19.

Three weeks have been completed and the new build is looking very much like a home. Short rain showers did not slow the progress as the outside walls went up, the trusses were flown and by the end of the week the carport roof was completed and the main roof sheeted.

Jesse and Courtnay are super excited as they watch the progress each day. They joined us for dinner on Wednesday and shared their story; overwhelmed by all that has taken place in the last year.

Radek and Geordie’s home continued to present new challenges. We are thankful that each week God sends us the right people and ultimately solutions to the problems we encounter. It is taking shape with all the flooring levelled and the walls insulated and some drywall in place. Hopefully the next week will see a big change as the drywall is hung and possibly some mudding started.

On Kirk and Wendy’s house, the week started with reinstallation of some drywall that had been removed to replace damaged wiring. By the end of the week Kirk and Wendy’s home reached a new stage with only a small amount of sanding left to be done. Next week the home will take on character as it sees the application of paint on the walls and ceilings.

We are continually blessed through our interactions with the clients, as well as the residents of Grand Forks who continue to shower us with love.

Continuing in His service,

Eli, Zach, Rosa, Dietrich, Cole, Noah, Marco, Jan, Heather, Larry and Judy