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Grand Forks, BC – Weekly Report – May 13-17, 2019

May 31, 2019

The work of 21 volunteers resulted in a lot of progress on the two renovation sites as we continued with the reframing of walls and floor, drywall and the electrical. Sometimes it seemed there were two steps forward and one back but in the end a lot of work was accomplished.

Our volunteers are excited and truly enjoying the opportunity of working outside their comfort zone. Someone expressed it well when they said, “God gives strength to do work we would never otherwise do at home.”

The closeness brought about through working closely with others of like mind was articulated by a volunteer when he said, “I never expected, when I left home to volunteer, to experience the camaraderie I felt here this week.”

When a licenced electrician said he would be willing to apprentice any one of the three younger volunteers who worked with him over the course of the week, we recognize the opportunity and responsibility we have as the older generation to build into the lives of those who come behind us.

One of the homes being renovated was completely gutted prior to the commencement of our work. It is not difficult to understand that the client was somewhat overwhelmed, particularly since his health was a major deterrent in his rebuilding. In a conversation with one of the volunteers he said that he hadn’t ever seen God at work in his life before. After receiving a call confirming MDS’s willingness to assist him in the renovation, his response was, “I now believe I’ve seen God’s miracle.”

Kirk and Wendy joined us for supper on Thursday night, along with their case worker Temeeka. It was encouraging to hear their stories and feel their deep appreciation for what is being accomplished.

The new build is going well and some of the sub-floor was in place by the end of Friday, in spite of the rain on a couple of days. Our clients are overwhelmed with what is taking place and are asking about a possibility to pay it forward as they consider opportunities to work with MDS in the future.

We have also seen an outpouring of support from the community at large. The churches are coming together to provide baking for the volunteers’ lunches; host supper one night of the week; dropping off produce and meat; and loaning bikes for the volunteers to enjoy as we work in this beautiful setting. We truly thank these folks for standing alongside us.

Thankful for the opportunity to serve,

Heather, Eli, Zach, Jan, Rosa, Dietrich, Marco, Noah, Cole, Larry and Judy