Grand Forks, BC – Weekly Report – June 3-7, 2019

June 10, 2019

This past week, Grand Forks has cooled off significantly. Several days this week, the crew woke up to temperatures as low as 4°C, although the afternoon’s still produced some nice sun. Nevertheless, it has been a pretty chilly week.

Eight volunteers joined us this week from various locations throughout British Columbia and Alberta. Most of the crew had served with MDS before, but for a few, it was their first experience. Another volunteer joined us from Sunday through Tuesday; a reporter looking to capture various stories from volunteers and clients. From these interviews, he will be creating an article for MDS to use.

Kirk and Wendy’s house was on hold for this week as we await materials to continue the renovation. With their house being postponed, we were able to send more volunteers to the Redding and Grundel houses. Not only that, but we were also able to begin two new renovations with Donna Lester and Kent Tough.

Jesse and Courtnay’s house saw some progress this week with the exterior receiving Tyvek wrap, a roof membrane, facia, soffitting and j-mould. They are able to walk into their home without a ladder now as the front steps were completed. Some electrical work has been completed inside and the tin is almost complete on the roof.

Radak and Geordie have been so thankful with the continued progress in their home. This week drywalling was completed and mudding continued. Other odd jobs were completed around the site. On Friday, the other crews all met at their house for morning coffee break. Pam, Kirk’s sister, continues to volunteer with us every Friday; Jan presented her with an MDS shirt for all of her hard work. Jan was also presented with a gift from Roman and her crew, a Grand Forks t-shirt.

On Friday, half of the volunteers worked at Kent Tough’s house. This site is in need of more renovations than initially anticipated, but the crew was ready to take on the task. They stripped the outside wall and applied Tyvek to the exterior. They worked hard as they gutted out interior drywall, cabinets and sawdust.

Donna, as well as three case-workers (Petra, Rachel and Chris), joined us for supper on Wednesday night. It was such a beautiful opportunity to see Donna’s exuberant and loving heart for volunteers and case-workers. It was evident that she has created a special connection with all three case-workers as she continues to joke around and laugh with them. Her joy is beautiful, and of course, she did not leave RVCC until someone got a hug.

Doug Engen, a local restaurant owner, made butter chicken for the volunteers this week. It was so delicious! Glenda Bashor and her husband joined us for dinner that evening. She has done an incredible job coordinating the churches for baked goods and meals for the volunteers.

This week ended with the departure of long-term crew leader, Jan Joyce. Her work ethic was an incredible blessing here in Grand Forks. She will be missed by MDS volunteers, locals, and clients.

We have been so blessed by this community and are thankful for the opportunity and ability to serve the community of Grand Forks.


Eli, Zach, Rosa, Dietrich, Jan, Robert, Roman, and Heather