Grand Forks, BC – Weekly Report – June 17-21, 2019

June 25, 2019

This past week was a full work week with our little crew. We had one weekly volunteer from Chilliwack and four daily volunteers serving multiple days from the region, one being Gabe Warriner, the pastor of our host church. These four individuals served alongside the 9 long term volunteers with joy and love.

Kirk and Wendy Walter’s house has progressed with painting coming to a close and flooring getting installed. The crown moulding was also installed in the bathrooms. The new additions to the home such as the new front windows and flooring make the home look bright and fresh.

Radak Grundel’s home has seen much progress this week. The self-leveling concrete was poured near the entrance to fix the entryway. Painting made progress as the bathroom and laundry room were completed, along with the trim. The front door was also painted and the floor seems were filled with self-leveling concrete.

At Kent Tough’s home, a closet was framed on Monday. His home is awaiting assistance from an electrician and plumber.

Donna Lester’s house had concrete poured for the floor, walkway and step. The concrete forms were also stripped. The volunteers who have worked at her home have absolutely loved every minute. She is an extremely bubbly and loving person!

This week, Barbara McClelland’s house began to get worked on. The crew moved stuff out of her house so they could begin their work of framing a supporting beam and drywalling. The drywalling has not been completed, but it is nearing the end.

This week, Petra, the caseworker, provided us with a wonderful German dinner. Rosa and Petra made an incredible dinner and dessert for the group. A few of the crew’s friends and family members joined us this week as people were preparing to head home or just needed a visit from family. Dorothy and Peter Regehr came on Thursday to begin their service with MDS for the next two weeks. Dorothy will be taking over as Office Manager and Peter will be a long-term volunteer.

Three long-term volunteers finished their eight weeks and said goodbye to the clients and crew in Grand Forks. Heather, Eli and Zach left Thursday and Friday to move onto new things for the remainder of the summer. Rachel Warriner (case worker and pastor’s wife) dropped off t-shirts and thanked Heather, Eli and Zach for their time in Grand Forks serving with Mennonite Disaster Service.

We have been so blessed by this community and are thankful for the opportunity and ability to serve the community of Grand Forks.


Andrew, Cole, Dietrich, Eli, Heather, Robert, Roman, Rosa, and Zach


Randy & Mike laying floor in Walter home