Grand Forks, BC – Weekly Report – June 10-14, 2019

June 18, 2019

This past week was a very full work week with nine leadership and ten weekly volunteers. Many connections were made within the group through shared friends and experiences.

The ten volunteers joined us from British Columbia and Alberta, and another long-term Sheep & Goats Scholarship recipient arrived. Most of the crew had served with MDS before, but for a few, it was their first experience.

Kirk and Wendy Walter’s house received a lot of attention as the materials we were missing last week came in. Reg Walde served as crew leader at this site and oversaw various tasks. Kirk’s front windows were replaced, baseboards were painted, walls were touched up with mud, trim was installed, floor was repaired, and a closet was framed, drywalled and mudded. His house is coming together beautifully!

Jesse and Courtnay Redding’s house was worked on for three days this week. Rebar and poly were installed in the basement to prepare for the pour. PVC waterline and electrical was installed. The basement walls were framed and the basement stairs were built.

Radak Grundel’s home has had a complete overhaul since the beginning of this project. This week mudding continued and priming ensued. Soon after, three windows were installed and painting began. There were some issues in his flooring that were repaired this week amidst all the amazing progress. His house has transformed immensely and is looking quite incredible.

Monday through Thursday volunteers worked alongside Kent Tough in his home. The week began with the shiplap and sawdust insulation being removed, and the vinyl siding being installed. As the week progressed, plywood floor sheathing and two windows were installed. Rough-in electrical and sub-floor were completed, and a closet was framed.

Two volunteers spent some time working at Donna Lester’s home as well. They sledgehammered out concrete, tied rebar and framed up a cement pad. Donna is loving meeting all the volunteers that come to her home. She is an incredible woman who inspires everyone who meets her.

This week, our host church, River Valley Community Church, provided supper for us. It was nice to get to know some of the women who attend this church and have been hearing about Mennonite Disaster Service for some time. On Wednesday, Petra (case-worker), her husband, as well as Rachel and Gabe Warriner (Pastor of RVCC and case-worker), joined us for dinner. Petra kindly contributed to the meal by bringing rice. Peter Thiessen also joined us for supper Wednesday and Thursday evening while he was in town.

We have been so blessed by this community and are thankful for the opportunity and ability to serve the community of Grand Forks.


Andrew, Cole, Dietrich, Eli, Heather, Robert, Roman, and Rosa