Grand Forks, BC – Weekly Report – July 22-26, 2019

August 7, 2019

This week, four people joined us from Delta, two from Trail, and one from Rossland, BC. We also welcomed our new cook and her family who came from Manitoba and Ontario, and a daily volunteer from Alberta.

Window casings, mudding, painting, ceiling trim, and flooring were the focuses at the McClelland house this week. At the Redding house, several volunteers tackled the job of taping and mudding, and similar work was done at the Tough house. Ralf spent the week at the Lester house installing tile and applying grout, which, after several days, is now finished!

Both the Walter and the Grundel house were finally finished this week, with dedications done on Friday. The families welcomed friends, caseworkers, and our volunteers this week, as well as some visiting from previous weeks. Lunch was served at the Grundel house as everyone chatted and saw the finished house. For those who weren’t there to see the state it was in when MDS arrived, Geordie showed pictures to show just how much work had been done. A few short but touching speeches were given, and volunteers presented Radek and Geordie with a Bible, The Hammer Rings Hope, and a beautiful quilt.

The Walter’s dedication was next, where we all gathered under the same big tree that volunteers had had many group lunch breaks at over the past several weeks. We had cake and shared many laughs and tears, with more speeches and more presentations. Each time, we also stopped to sing How Great Thou Art while Jon played the guitar.

As sad as we all are to stop working on these houses, we feel blessed to have gotten to know each family and work alongside them. They will definitely not be forgotten.

This week Jesse and Courtnay Redding joined us for supper and shared a bit about the experience with the flooding. Because they are in a different area than the rest of the houses we have been working on, they brought a somewhat new perspective, and we appreciated their openness and their perseverance.


Ike, Ralf, Justin, Sam, Abby, Jon, Maria, and Gordon