Grand Forks, BC – Weekly Report – August 5-9, 2019

August 15, 2019

This week brought to us a delightful group of young people, together with their leaders, from Winkler EMM Church.  They were enthusiastic from start to finish and added a whole new dimension to the breakfast and dinner table each day.  We were also blessed with the presence and leadership of Gerald and Lee from Chilliwack.

We worked on 6 homes this week.  At the Tough house our volunteers completed the painting task and then prepped the floor so they could lay the flooring the rest of the week.  Insulation was put into one half of the Lawrence home.

The McClelland home was ready for painting so most of the week was spent painting walls and the exterior door trim. Shelving and baseboard heaters were also installed at the end of the week.

Mark and Lorraine took a drive to the Fillo house in Westbridge to join the volunteers and Karen and her son for lunch on Thursday.  Exterior siding and soffits were being put up and the owners worked on the cell tower so our volunteers could use their phones at that site.  The progress on that house is very encouraging to Karen and she was excited to show us each of the rooms inside. Both Karen and her son have laboured diligently together with the volunteers and it is wonderful to work alongside them.

Karen, her good friend and neighbour Sarah and Karen’s case manager, Chris joined us for supper on Wednesday.  Karen shared her story with us and we are thankful for her resiliency and strength throughout the past year. She was very grateful for the help she has received from MDS in making a new living space for her. Sarah has also been a great support for Karen, helping her choose paint colours and giving her advice along the journey.

At the Redding house volunteers spent the first three days painting both the first and second coats on the walls; window trim was installed; the creaks in the floor were fixed and the basement was insulated. 

Work at the Yates house was spent putting in insulation, back framing and vapour barrier.  All in all, a very successful week.

Thank you to all of our volunteers who came this week… you were a blessing to us as well as our clients.

Mark, Lorraine, Connie, Hannah, Robert, Abby, Sam, Justin, Jon