Grand Forks, BC – Weekly Report – August 12-16, 2019

August 23, 2019

This week brought us a variety of adult volunteers from Alberta and British Columbia; Jackie and Doug from Lethbridge, Royce and Petie from Ardrossan, Calvin and Owen from Chilliwack, Jack from Coquitlam and Russ from Kamloops.  Connie and Hannah looked after the cooking, Lorraine the office, Abby, Justin, Jonathan, Sam and Robert continued as long-term volunteers and Mark served as Project Director.  Crystal Friesen spent Tuesday in the kitchen, baking cookies and joined us for our evening dinner at the Gospel Chapel.  Harold Friesen volunteered on Friday at the Redding house, installing a basement door and some drywall.  Our special guest this week was Andy, the owner of Boundary Building Supplies/Home Hardware, who joined us for supper on Thursday and shared his story with us.  On Saturday we said “farewell” to Justin and Abby who have both completed 8 weeks on this project.

This week we focussed on 4 houses.  At the Tough house we finished the flooring and assembled the kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  The kitchen lower cabinets were also installed.  Kent Tough worked with Sam and Justin on Thursday, assembling the cabinets and with Calvin on Friday afternoon, installing the kitchen cabinet bases.

The McClelland house received final coats of paint on walls, trim, baseboards and doors.

Robert and Sam commuted to the Fillo house in Westbridge and finished the framing, insulation and vapour barrier.  Siding and soffits are almost complete as well.  The framing inspection took place on Tuesday and passed with the condition that we install a sub-floor throughout the house.  We do not need to have an insulation inspection on this house.

At the Redding house, Royce, Owen and Russ removed the steel roofing on the west side of the house and installed new membrane and peel and stick.  The new roofing steel arrived on Tuesday and was installed on Tuesday and Wednesday.  A decision was made to rent a boom lift for the safe application of metal siding and the lift arrived on Thursday afternoon.  By Friday afternoon, Royce and Owen had installed siding on the back and both sides of the house.  In the meantime, on the inside of the house, Calvin, Abby, Russ and Jack finished installing the flooring, doors, trim, baseboards, cabinets and countertops.  Justin came over from the Tough house to install the vinyl flooring in the laundry and washroom.

Work at the Yates house was put on hold until the plumbers are finished the rough-in plumbing.

This was a busy week as each volunteer completed timely tasks suited to their skills.  It is a continued blessing to have volunteers arrive with specific skills, “just at the right time.”  Thank you, Lord!  We continue to be blessed in our interactions with the community.  This week’s connections with Andy were a particular blessing including faithful prayers and his gift of a bag of popcorn to Jonathan.

In Jesus name,

Mark, Lorraine, Connie, Hannah, Robert, Abby, Sam, Justin and Jonathan