MDS activities are governed by a Board of Directors representing MDS binational constituency in Canada and the U.S. in conjunction with a Board of Delegates which acts as a intermediary between the MDS Supporting Organizations and the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors meets four times per year (with an annual meeting in February) while the Board of Delegates is an advisory group designed to meet one time per year. The delegates bring guidance from the many constituencies to the Board of Directors, and they alternatively, carry the board’s decisions back to their constituency groups.

MDS is made up of supporting organizations which include the five (5) regions of MDS.  There are four (4) regions in the U.S. and one in Canada.  Each region is comprised of local MDS units and has a regional board.  Each unit has a local board with officers. In addition, those Anabaptist church conferences and denominations and related entities that provide resources or services to MDS and are approved by the Board of Directors are considered supporting organizations of MDS. The Board of Directors assures that MDS achieves its mission while monitoring relationships with the organization’s stakeholders.

Please read the MDS Bylaws to learn more about the MDS governance structure.

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