The Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) Board of Directors and Board of Delegates is a diverse group of leaders that serve as strategic advisors and work closely with the Executive Director to hold MDS accountable to its vision and mission.

Officers of the Board

Ross Miller, Chair, Fellowship of Evangelical Churches   

Judy Lopez, Vice Chair, Mennonite Brethren   

Frank Hoover, Treasurer, Groffdale Conference

Henry Warkentin, MDS Canada Board Chair


Board of Directors

Gerald Dyck, MDS Canada

Ronn Frantz, Region 2 Board Chair

Mannie Flaud, Old Order Amish

Vic Janzen, MDS Canada

Denis Keating, MDS Canada

Tim Schrag, Region 3 Board Chair

Phil Troyer, Region 1 Board Chair

Michele WhiteEagle, Region 4 Board Chair

Wayne Yoder, Conservative Mennonite Conference


Board of Delegates

Robert Brenneman, New Order Amish

Murray Bunnett, MDS Canada

David Brubacher, MDS Canada

Margarita Bloodworth, Member-at-Large

Becca Cordes, Mennonite Church USA

Harold Friesen, MDS Canada

Aaron Groff, Lancaster Mennonite Conference

Wilmer Hoover, Weaverland Conference

Ivan Shirk, Member-at-Large

Henry Schmitt, MDS Canada

Karen Shelly Smucker, Member-at-Large

Elizabeth Troyer-Miller, Member-at-Large

Jerry Wyse, Member-at-Large

Paul Yoder, Beachy Amish