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Giving Thanks to MDS Volunteers – MDS Update

November 17, 2016

Lititz, PA — In this week’s MDS update we hear a story of a homeowner who receives a new home. We give you information on the current MDS needs, the upcoming All-Unit Meeting, and we tell you about the many year-end giving opportunities that are possible. All that and more in this edition of the MDS Update.


Year-End Giving Opportunities

We will be presenting several giving opportunities during the upcoming weeks. The Fall Fund Appeal was mailed this week and Giving Tuesday (Nov. 29) is right around the corner.

Friday, November 18, MDS is participating in the Extraordinary Give, the largest day of giving in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where MDS is based. It is a 24-hour online giving marathon that will benefit MDS and more than 425 other local organizations. You can participate no matter where you live.  The more MDS donations, the more matching funds MDS will be eligible to receive from ExtraGive. Please visit the ExtraGive website to learn more and make a donation. Canadian donors of ExtraGive will receive a U.S. receipt.

MDS appreciates your support no matter how you choose to give. Thank you for helping people return home after disaster!


2017 All-Unit Meeting

Registration for the 2017 All-Unit Meeting will begin shortly. Please continue to read the MDS Update and the website for further information.

This year’s theme is “Someone Who Cares: We know what we are to do” referencing 1 Chronicles 12:32. The meeting will take place on February 10-12 at the The Cove in North Carolina. The two-day meeting will include speakers, workshops, an auction, local tour, and plenty of good food and fellowship.

Visit the MDS website for more information and current MDS projects.



The opportunities listed below are current as of this week. Occasionally there are schedule changes that open new volunteer opportunities. Please check here and the website for our latest updates.

Weekly Volunteers needed for Fall Projects!

MDS is looking for weekly volunteers at the following projects. To get scheduled, please call the Volunteer Development Team at 800-241-8111 or email Alicia Hurst at

Greenbrier County, West Virginia: Nov 20-26

Detroit, Michigan: Nov 20-Dec 10



We are now scheduling volunteers for January through March 2017! To get scheduled, please call Steph Shenk at 800-241-8111 or inquire here.

Project locations:

Lafayette, Louisiana (currently at volunteer capacity through April 1)

Lake County, California (currently at volunteer capacity through April 1)

Calaveras County, California (currently at volunteer capacity through April 1)

Andrews, South Carolina (currently at volunteer capacity through April 1)



MDS is looking for volunteers to fill in for leadership positions at the following project locations. To get scheduled, please call Evelyn Peters-Rojas at 866-261-1274 or email at

West Virginia Bridges

Heavy Equipment Operator – Nov 27-Dec 3

Lafayette, LA

Crew Leaders – Dec 4-17

Greenbrier, WV

Assistant Cook – Nov 27-Dec 3 and Dec 11-17

Crew Leaders – Nov 27-Dec 16



Giving Thanks to MDS Volunteers  

I would like to offer a “shout out” and word of encouragement to our long-term volunteers. Perhaps they were not home for Canadian Thanksgiving or are working at an MDS site during the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. In honor of them, here is a clip from a homeowner who received a new home in the Gulf Coast of the U.S. following Hurricane Katrina (2005).

“The [volunteers] will always be a part of me. There is Godliness inside of them. They will always be in my heart. I love my home. I’m proud, overwhelmed. I know my mother and father are looking down from heaven. Sometimes I cry but they are tears of joy. They made all this possible. My friends will come by and say ‘girl you got a beautiful home’. I tell everyone the world is not a bad place. I must have done something right (points to heaven).  Don’t pray for patience, pray for understanding. I prayed for this since 1995. I prayed so hard that night, God heard my prayers and told me in a dream they would be answered.”

And so I say, “Thank-you!” long-term volunteers! Be encouraged!


Kevin King,

MDS Executive Director


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