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Fort Myers, Florida, Weekly Report, Oct 8-12, 2018

October 16, 2018

On Saturday we picked up Gerry Schrock, head cook, at the airport. She began the job of cleaning the kitchen and setting it up with the help of the Geissingers. On Sunday after attending a friendly Methodist church we were again off to the airport to pick up Katie Risser, our assistant cook. She is a dietetics intern from Bluffton College. Our staff had now all arrived.

Next on the scene were 2 fellows from PA who are staying for two weeks: Phil Gehret & Tom Fry. Joining us from OH was Carson Yoder for a week and a half.

Monday started with a flurry of activities as Phil and Tom built 2 ramps. Meanwhile the office trailer got moved so we could hook up to the sewer and have use of the washing machine. Verne and Carson were kept busy with hookups and many needed repairs etc. around camp. Ray was working on permitting needed to do repairs on roofs and for the future new builds. Tuesday and Wednesday were more cleaning and repairs getting the camp useable and ready for next week’s large group. On Thursday and Friday the 3 short term volunteers worked on a house here at the camp. They tore out floors and replaced them. Some drywall was also replaced, and they tore the tile out of the bathroom. Ray and Verne checked some sites to work on next week.

Last Saturday Martha met the neighbors in the park at the laundry. They invited us to their church. So this week on Friday night we invited this family of three to join us for card games.

We’re enjoying the beauty of God’s creation in this park. Come join us.

Fort Myers Staff: Gerry, Katie, Verne & Joyce and Ray & Martha