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Fort Myers, Florida, Weekly Report, Oct 29-Nov 2, 2018

November 8, 2018

This is the first report for the new long term volunteers that started October 29, 2018. The new project director Jim Byler came to the site October 27, along with the head cook Marie Byler and assistant cook Judy Schmidt. Peter and Margaret Goertzen came October 28 as I, Margaret, had to overlap with Martha Zimmerman in the office awhile. Ray and Martha Zimmerman left Fort Myers to go to Conway, S.C. We had a very energetic group from Wilmington, Delaware. It is always a pleasure to see newcomers come volunteer at MDS.

We have been working on 1 house so far as we are still waiting on permits for the new builds. They have gutted the double wide trailer and are ready to start putting in insulation, and then the drywall will be going up. We have a long ways to travel for the materials so it takes a while to get them.

Joyce went out to the job site to help Grace clean up after they tore out the insulation. The last 2 days Joyce was busy at camp cleaning. It is always a blessing to have volunteers that are willing and able to be flexible. Vern and Joyce Geissinger left Saturday morning.

Submitted by Fort Myers: Jim & Marie Byler, Peter & Margaret Goertzen, Judy Schmidt, Vern & Joyce Geissinger