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Fort Myers, Florida, Weekly Report, Oct 15-19, 2018

October 22, 2018

Well, it was a glorious week as Sunday evening we met with 12 from Longenecker Mennonite Church (LEAF) from the Dundee/Mt. Eaton area in Ohio. This group was 5 couples and 2 others that are a hardworking and fun-loving group. We also had 3 from Pennsylvania and Ohio from the week before who stayed a second week.

Monday through Wednesday a group of 8 with skilled Verne Geissinger as their crew leader went to Immokalee to work on Elizabeth Lopez’s double wide trailer. They gutted and tore out the interior and repaired some trusses. Meanwhile, back at the camp, 6 of the group with Carson Yoder as their leader tore the roof off of one of the large lodges here at Riverside Camp and then started to replace it. The older gents from PA continued to work on the house they had started the week before here at the camp. On Thursday, the entire Ohio group went to Immokalee to finish gutting out the house. On Friday, those who were able put more shingles on the roof here at the lodge, filling in the valleys, while some others cleaned up the camp and still others gave all the cars and trucks a much needed bath after sitting all summer. We had an early pizza lunch and then they all headed home.

Carson Yoder left here early Thursday morning to drive a truck back to Lititz, where he had connections to get a ride back to Ohio. We are grateful he was willing to do that.

Thanks to Gerry Schrock from Illinois for being a wonderful cook for the past 2 weeks. She flew out Friday right after breakfast. We also thank our assistant cook Katie Risser, a Bluffton intern, who had 2 weeks of training here. She was taken to the airport by the PA guys on their way home.

Joyce Geissinger’s wrist is getting better and she can do an amazing amount of work with one hand.

Ray was able to get the two permits for the two house roofs and is making slow progress on getting the needed permits for the new builds.

Our camp neighbors have asked Martha if we can play games so that is our Friday evening plan. We continue working on neighborly relationships.

Thanking God for his protection again this week.

Fort Myers Leadership Volunteers: Verne & Joyce Geissinger and Ray & Martha Zimmerman