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Fort Myers, Florida, Weekly Report, Nov 5-9, 2018

November 13, 2018

Another enjoyable week has passed and everyone survived the heat. We picked up Laura Peters at the airport Saturday evening. She will be a crew leader. Sunday evening the volunteers showed up from Belleville, Pennsylvania. They were mainly doing roofing jobs and it was in the high 90s. Some of the volunteers even had their shoes come apart because it was so hot. They got most of the electrical figured out and starting to put it all back together again.

On Friday we had to be out of the dining hall by noon. There was some kind of young people’s retreat so we had to pack everything into the kitchen trailer and pantry trailer. That left us with no kitchen for cooking or dining room for eating so we went to Sarasota for the weekend and enjoyed Jim and Marie’s home. They didn’t have food in the house so Larry had given us the OK to eat out.         

We enjoyed a lovely church service at Sarasota Community Church, which was on “Preparing the Gift” and giving THANKS. Even though we had to leave our camp we still needed to be thankful and give thanks in all circumstances. We are looking forward to another great week as we have a large group coming. May God bless all the people that came to serve in Fort Myers.

Submitted By Jim & Marie Byler, Peter & Margaret Goertzen, Judy Schmidt and Laura Peters