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Fort Myers, Florida, Weekly Report, Nov 12-16, 2018

November 20, 2018

We came back to camp Sunday after church and moved the things back into the dining hall. The volunteers started arriving around 3:00 pm. The last ones showed up at 7:00 pm, just in time for orientation.

We had an awesome week with 14 people coming from La Crete, Alberta. Monday was a very hot day so we took ice cream to the volunteers. They finished the roof for Mr. Ricardo. It was still very hot this week but we had very determined guys. They finished the electrical once they had it figured out. We had an electrician as a volunteer and that always helps. We also had a carpenter and those eager volunteers had most of the walls boarded with drywall by the end of the week. Seems God always send us the right people at the right time. Ms. Elizabeth is getting excited. To end the week, the volunteers got lunch brought to the site Friday by Ms. Elizabeth’s brother. He had cooked some delicious Mexican food.

Most of these volunteers were first time “MDSers” but I think they all had a good time and were very tired by the end of the week. We had an all Canadian crew except for the project director, Jim and the head cook, Marie.

To end the week we went to Gator Camp. They had “turkey in the hole”, where you dig a long trench and cook the turkeys in it. It was very good food and then there was a fundraiser auction. We praise God for sending us willing hands and feet to serve. May God bless you all for serving.

Submitted By: Jim & Marie, Peter & Margaret, Judy and Laura